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Monsoon season

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It's a very odd distribution of rainfall at the mo - my Mum has all her rainwater collectors full (probably closer to 2000L) in Essex, which is the dryest county in the UK (St Osyth - 20 inches of rain a year, official threshold for desert 10 inches), yet Embra and Aberdeen have had 6mm of rain all month, normally that's a normal day's rainfall!

It was raining steadily when I woke up here in South Devon so I went back to bed and dozed off again. It was still raining when I eventually got up and continued all morning,  gradually easing to little more than a drizzle during the afternoon. I haven't been out to check, but I'm sure my six water butts are now filled to overflowing! :icon_cheers:.

Need a dry day tomorrow to go grocery shopping on my scooter and on Wednesday have to get myself to Newton Abbot race course for a PCR covid test before finally, after months of waiting, getting a fluoroscopic guided injection into my poor arthritic right hand on Friday at Torbay hospital.

Tricia  :wave:

Hope that goes well for you Tricia

My Livingstone daisies never achieve a display like that TeeGee, but glad I'm not the only one who has to protect the leaves from the sparrows while the plants get established!

Flippin' Nora! The Met Office reckon it will get down to 6C tonight here - and the Beeb reckon a degree colder!

Have to get all my outdoor toms back in for the night... bit late for the runners, unless I dig the wigwam up and get it inside too.


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