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Here we go again


So I've had a wonderful asparagus crop this year. Hadn't cut any spears since last Thursday, looked at them today and they are alive with asparagus beetles. I must have killed two hundred of the little blighters, it's only a ten foot row! I'd been leaving the sprue to grow on, some of the fronds had half a dozen beetles at the ends having what looked like a mass orgy.  So those of you with new asparagus beds, look out!

Oh no, I just started one this year!  :BangHead:

Only seen one beetle so far this year, but know there will be more... seen eggs on a few spears so brushing them off before they hatch... this hot weather will bring them out!

Found about a dozen for the 1st time this weekend - back to checking each time at the plot.  Asparagus was late this year, presumably the cold weather, but the warm weather has brought on both the crop and the beetles.

Thanks for the warning - will inspect mine!


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