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Lathyrus niger (black pea)

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I bought some seeds this year, followed, the instructions, nowt. I blamed the compost, made up some more with a different base, still nowt. I usually mix my own seed compost, based on the available multi-porpoise, this year I couldn't get my preferred initially, and wasn't impressed with the substitute, hence the different mixes.

Has anyone got these to grow, and can you offer any advice, please? The second lot are taking up space in the propagator I want to use, and I still have a few seeds left.

I'm struggling with my normal peas too, I think it's the compost... but it has been a funny season so far!

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---are taking up space in the propagator
--- End quote ---

Is this the clue?

I don’t know this plant as such but if it is anything like other lathyrus you may be trying to germinate in conditions that are too hot/warm for it. Another thing is; was soaking them prior to sowing recommended in the instructions?

What I found with sweet peas for example is; it is better to surface sow in cell trays and wet them regularly until they chit then cover them with compost.

From experience what I often found was that with sweet peas if soaked and covered in compost is they “ cook” for want of a better word and turn to mush if the temperature is too high!

Think of it this way; if these were being germinated in the wild the seeds would fall onto the surface of the soil below and get weathered and possibly covered in natural detritus then germinate.

This is only a suggestion ! As I mentioned I have never grown them before.

Hmm - that's a good call, I'll check the destructions on the packet. It may well be that the propagator is too warm, and room temperature would be plenty.

My ordinary peas aren't germinating all that well, either, though it has indeed been a very odd spring!

Tee Gee:

--- Quote --- though it has indeed been a very odd spring!
--- End quote ---

Indeed! Quite often too warm for my liking! Seedlings want cool frost free hardening off conditions, not heat waves!


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