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Not really a question, more of a grumble.  Just bought a new can of jeyes fluid.  Completely changed.  No longer a thin milky liquid smelling of coal tar.  Just a clear liquid no longer any apparent difference to most ordinary disinfectant.  Rant over.

Deb P:
Re Jeyes fluid, apparently they have removed the brown colouring so it doesnít stain clothing etc and can be used on rust and limescale, and are putting it in a recycled plastic bottle to reduce the weight.  Other main ingredients are unchanged. I love the smell of it, I hope that hasnít changed too!

Some local blackbirds hereabouts seem to be adapting to modern life and are active after dark in areas where street lighting and domestic lighting makes it possible. Anyone else seen this?

Yes, lots of robins singing after dark round here too.

We are close  enough to the edge of suburbia at the mo (literally one set of gardens between us and fields) that when the wind is right in summer we can hear skylarks. Not at night, mind!

We walked round the village on Christmas Eve looking at the Advent Windows Trail. You couldn't hear yourself think for blackbirds singing along the main road! Very weird.


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