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Mirabelles here are small, bland, greeny yellow and very sweet.   I like dark plus with flavour, both fresh and cooked, but haven't come across one yet I want to plant here and I'm still negotiating a fruit cage with OH as when I do plant for us I want the fruits.  The birds are welcome to the mirabelles and the cherries previous owners have planted.  I'll just enjoy the blossom and buzzing of bees.

I have a couple of pear trees and an apricot outside plus two nectarines and a peach that have spent winter in pots in the polytunnel.  Once I have those planted in a permanent spot I'll turn my attention to apples.   Golden and red delicious, Gala and other standard SM varieties do not excite me at all so I need some tasty ones.

Well I have just sown some celtuce seeds.
I just need to go and clear some land to plant stuff out - it has gone from a sticky mess to concrete in 3 weeks here and we are already watering profusely.

Tiny Clanger:
Mine are just about a centimeter high.  I will sow some more today  :wave:


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