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Is it a very bad idea to plant them where they were a few years previously?  Is there anything I can do about this?

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Re: Raspberries
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Iím sure itís usually advised against presumably because of the worry about disease being spread.

For practical reasons Iíve done it a few times, mainly because a particular variety has weakened or performed poorly and Iíve wanted to fill gaps. In one case I have a mixture of varieties coming up in that location but that doesnít worry me. In another case the new ones havenít really thrived either, presumably affected by whatever plagued the first batch. In a third case itís worked very well.

So perhaps a bit of risk attached, but often lack of alternatives makes it worth a go.


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Re: Raspberries
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For many plants, repeatedly growing them in the same place has risks of (i) build up in the soil of pests and diseases to which they are susceptible and (ii) depletion of trace minerals or other substances in the soil which they require. That's in part why rotation of crops is practised (another being that some crops benefit from following certain others). So if you are goig to replant in the same bed, put in as much new soil and compost as you can, perhaps even dig out a trench to do this.