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Splitting Chives


Tiny Clanger:
With all the virus hoo haa and whatnot this year, I completely forgot about the chives tucked away in a corner, that I was going to split up ad the clumps are huge.

Is it too late to do this now?

I think chives are a hardy perennial so it should be fine.  In any event, if they have not been looked at for a while they have probably self seeded, and you might even find new clumps popping up in the spring in the space you have cleared. I'd risk it.

I would take a spade and simply split the clump into two , removing half as a 'divot' and replant elsewhere.

Chives seem pretty bomb-proof, I'd go for it.

Reader's Chives... now there's an idea!

Tiny Clanger:
Thanks for that everybody.  I'm on me way to the plot to shift 'em now. xxx


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