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As suggested by Peanuts time for another Photo Competition

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The Subject is VEGETABLES

A very wide ranging subject so please get creative  :toothy10: :toothy10:

You can submit two entries BUT please let me know which is the one you would like me to use if we get plenty of entries

Don't forget to give your username please

I think that 10pm on October the 10th will be closing date for entries

Submit your entries to ramjamman at hotmail dot com please

Please post a note here when you have done so just so I can make sure I have received it

Thank you

The winner can decide the subject for the Christmas Charity Competition which I will run again this year

Hooray!  And thank you for arranging it.  And thank you for rescuing me from thinking I'd never be able to access A4A again!
I hope you get LOTS of entries. 
Some of us have far too much unaccustomed time on our hands at the moment, while others need cheering up and de-stressing. 
Everyone has concerns and worries right now, all individual and different, but real. 
Reach out to someone today. There is a point, it makes a difference.

Don't forget to think up a creative photo of Vegetables

Working on it! On a grey wet day, with four more  at least to come, hard to get imaginative.  . Might have to raid the fridge for ideas.  Have got mushrooms coming up in the grass though.  They're veg.
Keep reminding everyone, daily!

I've sent you my entry.  I hope you get a decent amount of entries.  We need the comp to cheer some of us up!
Thank you for organising it.


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