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Creeping thistles

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Knock them off with a dutch hoe when 9" tall, before they knot to bloom.They will shoot again but deep root so are drawing minerals up from the subsoil. They produce a good amount of biomass and compost readily without coming through.I get few weeds with no dig but try to harvest for composting as much biomass as can be garnered from all sources. Dead nettle is another worthy contributor.

I am pleased to say that at the end of the season there is not much sign of the thistles.  Where I grew potatoes there are still a few.  But the squashes and courgettes have certainly deterred.  I shall swap the areas next year, so the potato beds will have squash in them.  I am just hoping that they are not waiting quietly to come back with vengeance in the spring.  (My spelling is not that good, I could not remember if vengeance had an e or an a after the g.  Seems it has both!!)
There is not much manure available this year, (fewer sheep) so I am growing green manure.  (If the rats will let me). 
There is a piece of folk law which suggested that they will not return if pulled up after St John (just after the summer solstice) and certainly those which were pulled up about that time did not immediately grow back as the others have done.


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