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greenhouse water collection from gutters

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I'm wrestling with a variation on this problem - how can you collect rainwater from a polytunnel? 

You have to glue the gutter to the cover (or tape over the gap). If you run it below the "roof" half you only get two thirds of the rain at best - and the gutter casts a shadow inside (unless it's on the N side only).

I'm thinking have the S gutter 30cm above the ground (so its shadow falls on soil not plants) and drill it all the way along so it leaks straight into the PT. Maybe some tubes to get it over the 30cm gap to the first row of peppers. Would remove the need to go and water the PT when it's raining (whenever I say I'm going to water SWMBO says - "but it's raining" - I must have said "it doesn't rain under plastic" a million times).

The N side could have the gutter at head height leading into a butt outside and an irrigation channel inside.

Any other ideas?


I used a bit of sheet alloy cut it out and shaped it to look like the greenhouse gutter. Fixed in place using some glue and it works fine, water runs along gutter and then drops into rain barrel.



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Any other ideas?


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Many years back my father-in-law had a polytunnel. He had guttering on the ground taped to the walls and had rigged up a sort of seep hose arrangement so that most of the rainwater ended up inside the tunnel.

This was long before I had an allotment and I've never had a tunnel myself so cannot give more details.  I think he had used a bit of trial and error but he produced some amazing blooms, as flowers were his main interest.


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