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Where can I get ammonium sulphamate

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lottie lou:
I have just taken on a new plot and have never seen so much mares tail in my life. Someone posted that ammonium sulphamate (purchased as compost accelerator) would help. However the main supply source Misral Indusrial Chemicals only sell to bonafide businesses or terrorist bomb makers. Tried Amazon but the supplier is Mistral. Any ideas where I can obtain said chemical for garden use only please.

People on our allotments have used a weed killer called Curtail, I don't know if that is the right spelling though.


Tee Gee:
I found that Lime helped... Mares tail like acid soil, and Lime make the soil more alkaline that coupled with regular hoeing got rid of it in time!

You can get it on ebay but it is not licensed for use as a weedkiller in the uk

Hi Ya, I bought some ammonium sulphamate to use as weed killer. The instruction that came with it were good. How ever, there are a lot of things that using this product do to the ground I would read the instructions very carefully. What I read under the H&S advice put me of using it. Indeed they say its a good compost activator, well I am not sure about that either especially if you have worms in the compost. It may be ok as an initial build but is detrimental to wildlife, ie worms, I was surprised at its content so please be carefull.


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