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Building a raised pond?


I'd like a pond. There, got that off my chest!

Really and truly I'd like to encourage wildlife, which means being deep enough for frogs to hibernate, which would mean a sizable hole for not that large an area of garden. This is all still in the ifs and buts stage, as there's a lot of work to do elsewhere first, but I'm currently collecting rocks for a rockery and am vaguely wondering whether I can combine the two - build up around the pond and hide the lift with the rockery, and maybe use a couple of flat rocks to run water over to provide aeration.

However, I'm wondering how easy this would be with laying a liner over an area I've built up with rocks (sharp corners and so on), and also a bit bothered that I might end up with this thing like a soggy pimple in the middle of the garden (I do know that I really don't want a formal raised pond). Has anyone else done anything similar, or knows of anywhere where I might see something similar, to give me more clue first?

Many thanks,

Adrian :kermit: (Frog smiley - very apt!)

Tee Gee:
Did a Google and came up with these perhaps they will give you some ideas!;_ylt=AwrP4k9_krpegnwAXtoM34lQ;_ylu=X3oDMTBybDA1bGNhBGNvbG8DaXIyBHBvcwMyBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=building+a+garden+pond+and+waterfall&fr=mcafee

Best of Luck!

Great, thank you! I'll have to have a look for general garden images as well - I've no current relief, though I may have a drop I can utilise when I remove the concrete we inherited, but I reckon I can build it up about a foot, drop it in a foot, and that's the required depth. Then I can just build up a bit more to provide height for a trickle (our geology round here tends to slabs, which is handy).

The previous owner did stone carving in his spare time, so we inherited a lot of odd-sized cut rocks that could be used for the building up, and then the nice local stuff (nicked off the fields - if Farmer Barleymow spots me, I'll tell him I'm keeping them out of his combine knife) can go where it will be seen. 

Coronavirus may be evil sh*t, but we are spending much less at the mo, so the garden projects may get spurred on.


There are many attractive aquatic plants that require boggy conditions rather than immersion. My as yet unsatisfied desire is to create such, rather than a true , fishy kind of pond.  Its for the NEXT garden!

Tee Gee:

--- Quote ---I can utilise when I remove the concrete we inherited,
--- End quote ---

Subject to how you uplift the concrete you might be able to use the rubble to line the inside of the pond particularly if it comes up in manageable slabs which can be used as shelves!

Another benefit from doing this is you will have less rubbish to take to the tip!

Once the rubble is in place cover it in sand to fill the voids and protect the liner.

Adding a few shovelfuls of Cement to the sand will cause it to harden which will help to strengthen the whole structure!


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