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Toughened or normal glass for greenhouse


We have one greenhouse with normal greenhouse glass and have just ordered a second one with toughened glass, so rather then have over lapping panels on each section its one large pane
Now is the any benefit heat/light wise etc to toughened glass, i know its heavier, but just wondered what people thought

Thickness might be positive in terms of heat retention, unless its laminated, doubtful regarding light levels being different. I have always endeavoured to have greenhouses built up tall enough that one does not test the impact resistance with ones head! A central path, therefore, helps.

The extra weight of the larger, thicker panes is always a bonus in exposed locations but cost can be quite an issue.

Only problem we found was that with the cushion strip and the thickness of the glass it would not fit in the slit for it Consequently I had to use bendable glazing fittings to hold the glass in place at the eaves.
Plus if you are not incredibly careful the panels can explode when being fitted. One did for me.
The  cushioning system on the one we have is  sticky tape. Whatever you do do Not remove the protective cover from the tape until AFTER you have got the glass in place Otherwise the glass become unmovable.

To reinforce Palustris' point, be very, very careful not to knock the edges of a toughened glass pane. Either you will knock a flake off that would give Phil Harding rhapsodies, and if you get it in you finger it is razor sharp and invisible to x-rays, or you will find yourself surrounded by a huge pile of tiny cubes of glass. Neither is very helpful.


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