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I am looking on amazon they are cheap and cheerful and some reviews say the really cheapo ones are too flimsy. Anyway I have found a decent one with good reviews that has a 'woven' cover. It comes in green or clear. Has anybody got a green one. Mine is not used for seedings etc mainly Toms, melons and growing spring greens out of season. What should I get green or clear?

Ours is clear which means good light levels even in winter.   It came with a green mesh net we can throw over and clip on when the sun is very bright and hot from April onwards.

Having clear plastic means we can stash the fuchsias and citrus plants in there and also grow stuff thru winter.  Only oca left now but we had peppers fruiting up to mid December and I'll be trying some winter greens and salads in there next year.

Tee Gee:
You can get tunnel skins are made from two materials e.g. Net sides and PVC roofs something like the pic below

Any recomendations? Mine is on the way out, already chucked out by someone else and repaired and recycled by the Mr.

Is the frame still good?  You can buy polythene sheeting by the metre in good DIY and garden centres.


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