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Thank you Vinlander..

We always put cross bracing in on a greenhouse. This prevents the lateral movement which allows the glass to slip. We've watched this happen and it creates a parallelogram shape so the panes become loose. If we hadn't gone out in a storm to watch it happen I wouldn't have believed it.


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I logged on today to make a correction to my last post - I've just discovered the polycarbonate ban on local plots doesn't exist - I think the guy I was talking to about my tunnel heard me say "glazing the vent" or "glazing one side" - whatever it was I could easily have mumbled the twinwall/PC part of the sentence(?)

Anyway, one thing this doesn't mean (of course) is that our local politicians are any better than I said - they didn't frack it up simply because on this occasion they just didn't touch it...


PS. I've contacted PolyCrub to suggest they design a sliding vent of the same curvature as the tunnel so it can be fitted at the apex and get that "chimney effect" that is so much more effective - it'd be much more resistant to wind than a lifting vent... Ideally put it on rollers/whatever, so it could be driven by a cheap wax-expansion opener (but sideways). I may put this variation on Top Tips when I've made a diagram.

The only reference I could find to any automatic sliding vent of this type was a vertical side vent where a light PC sheet is dropped by the opener and lifted & closed by the spring on the opener. Could be better to have it lift a panel to uncover a grille at floor level, and put the original version on the roof, but with rollers.


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