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Morning all,
We have been clearing away an old wooden greenhouse, that had been neglected and was in a dangerous condition, but have been raising funds to replace it with an aluminium type. Do any of you have any experience in sourcing a large greenhouse.. our base is 12 Meters by 4.2. Or have any advice / pitfalls to avoid?


That sounds like it will be very expensive, even second hand.  Have you thought about a good polytunnel?  Ours is 8m x 4m, has a good, soild framework, doors at either end and a green net for summer protection against strong sunlight.   

If you do find a second hand one, photograph it in detail and mark each piece of metal clearly before you dismantle it.   We did this with just a 3 x 2 about 20 years ago and it made rebuilding a lot easier.

I assume this is a community green house. I would personally replace it with a poly tunnel. Erected properly they are bomb proof and the cover lasts a really long time. Two of use erected a 15x4 in less than a day. Replacing a green house of that size is going to be a mission because of the amount of stress points if not properly levelled. It is really a job for green house erectors, that way any breakages will be covered by them. Grants are available get your begging bowl out for being sustainable, multicultural, green etc

We have a committee looking at it... so that should slow it down considerably, we are certainly keen on the polytunnel option. It will depend on if it becomes a Prestige/Vanity Project. I will be certainly brushing up on my "key words" ready to play Jargon Bingo in the meetings...

Tee Gee:
This is how I laid out our communal tunnel, then after this was completed  we had the skin replaced

The beds were then offered to plot holders at a nominal rent.

As there were 10 beds in the tunnel we charged 10% of the plot rental  for a bed and rounded it up to the nearest 1

Plot rental then was around 13 so a bed worked out at 2 each p.a.

The money accrued was placed in a bank account to pay for any future maintenance.

BTW the plot that the tunnel sat on was supplied free by the Council, hence the monies going to a fund.


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