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I know somebody who did this order the 25 tin and get ten packets of good veg seed thrown in use code GY220 the only cost is the 4.99 postage. Which means the tin is free and the seeds are 50p a packet.

Cheers Ace, I was looking for a birthday present this is ideal. Plus I managed to slip in a plant for me and bonus only the one charge for postage.

Hi Ya, I saw this advert in a magazine, I had a look on line and thought about it. There is a birthday in a couple of months so I have ordered one for this event. I can look at the seeds and maybe change them to seeds the person likes. Have you any feed back from the person who you know bought one? Happy gardening

This what she got, value 22 but cost just the  4.99 postage make sure you order the 25 tin and use the code GY220 it does not work with the cheaper ones.


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