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Last of the Harrogate Show Pictures

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Tee Gee:




Society Stands

Trade Stands

That's the last of the photos you will be pleased to hear.

I hope you enjoyed your visit to the last Harrogate Autumn show at this venue as it moves to Newby Hall next year, which is between Harrogate and Ripon so a little further away for me but possibly easier to get to as it is nearer the motorway!

The Spring show will remain here at the current Show ground which is understandable as most of it is under cover which is often needed up hear in the wild and woolly North in Spring!

These fuchsias are amazing.  Some are looking very different to what we think of when we talk about fuchsias.  :wave:

Beautiful flowers and good photos Tee Gee

Tee Gee

We are newcomers to the show game but have done pretty well in our local show this year. My wife is impressed by your Fuchsia pictures and would like to know if other than the standards are the others just one plant or multiple plants in the same pot ?

I enjoyed the photo TeeGee, loved the RV rogers fruit stand.


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