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Building a raised pond?
« on: May 12, 2020, 13:06:25 »
I'd like a pond. There, got that off my chest!

Really and truly I'd like to encourage wildlife, which means being deep enough for frogs to hibernate, which would mean a sizable hole for not that large an area of garden. This is all still in the ifs and buts stage, as there's a lot of work to do elsewhere first, but I'm currently collecting rocks for a rockery and am vaguely wondering whether I can combine the two - build up around the pond and hide the lift with the rockery, and maybe use a couple of flat rocks to run water over to provide aeration.

However, I'm wondering how easy this would be with laying a liner over an area I've built up with rocks (sharp corners and so on), and also a bit bothered that I might end up with this thing like a soggy pimple in the middle of the garden (I do know that I really don't want a formal raised pond). Has anyone else done anything similar, or knows of anywhere where I might see something similar, to give me more clue first?

Many thanks,

Adrian :kermit: (Frog smiley - very apt!)
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