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The Results are in and the winner is Barriedalenick with Picture Three

Well Done!!

The Winning Picture from Barriedalenick with Six Votes

In second place with Five Votes Picture 2 from Obelixx

In third place with Three Votes Picture 1 from Pescador

Then we have two pictures in Fourth Place with Two Votes

Picture Five from Peanuts

Picture Six from Pumpkinlover

And Picture Four from Tee Gee in Fifth Place with One Vote

Thank you all for taking part I loved all the entries

I will let you know the chosen charity in due course



Congratulations BN  :icon_cheers: :icon_cheers: :icon_cheers:

Cheers all - it was taken in Tallin, Estonia at a Christmas market..

Cheers especially to daveyboi for organising.

Tee Gee:
Well done Nick a worthy winner.

...and thanks to the person who voted for my picture thus saving me the embarrassment of a "whitewash"

Congratulations Nick and thank you Daveyboi. 

I just loved those crochet Christmas tree stars, Peanuts.  So festive.  We have a treasured handmade crochet apple on the tree that was a present from an A4A member, and also a miniature knitted sock and every year the youngest (who can knit) has to do a row for good luck.  Love handmade ornaments.  :wave:


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