Author Topic: Supermarket versus allotment potatoes for chipping - a problem with cooking  (Read 1251 times)


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Don't buy, make or eat crisps so can't say but I wouldn't waste celeriac on them anyway.

It's also nice raw with mayonnaise - especially the garlic version.

I have enough celeriac to do all of these things (while it is at its best - not through to Sep '19 - I don't have enough to match the lengths commercial growers can afford to keep them in the shops).

But beetroot crisps are a whole level above potato (and significantly better than parsnip too) so I need to try celeriac ones.

Unless someone who truly loves beetroot crisps can post to say celeriac ones are less lovely than potato ones...

With a microholding you always get too much or bugger-all. (I'm fed up calling it an allotment garden - it just encourages the tidy-police).

The simple/complex split is more & more important: Simple fertilisers Poor, complex ones Good. Simple (old) poisons predictable, others (new) the opposite.

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