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Dulcie doing OK


Dulcie went to vet, has problem with his ear. Ear drops twice a day, a bit over weight so no more snacks for him. Made my arm bleed trying to get him into the carrier, vet said I may have to go to doctor, but loads of TCP and still alive. Vet did clip his claws. I can never understand why people trust animals cause if they are frightened or scared will attack, even if they love you. No pictures at present as main computer not working, but Dulcie is still a character and a spoilt cat.

Dulcie had to go back to vet, as problem again with urinating. Two injections, me 100 worse off, but seems a lot better/happier today. Think animals get better treatment than people at doctors, no waiting, straight in and problem sussed out, but of course do have to pay for treatment. NO MORE ANIMALS.

Poor dulcie, back at the vet, an injection to stop another urine problem. Happy to be home, have a nasty scatch on my arm, after getting him into the carrier. Vets are great, but so expensive. He is having a lovely sleep, but I am still crying, I love that cat, even when he bites, scatches me.

Borlotti I am sure he loves you too, just gets stressed when things are out of his control!  He is lucky to have you looking after him x


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