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Do worms count as kept animals? Either way I set three worm bins up today. Two purpose made that I've had for a few years with various degrees of failure, the other is a big bin I had laying about. I've done a lot more research this time and determined to succeed.

Are you going for 'tea', castings or population? Perhaps the clue is bins with taps !, the other perhaps for breeding. Is your target species Brandlings or earthworms?
What did you discover before that you will not be repeating?
Currently my actions have been mainly in feeding (by mulching), beds. This has resulted in observations of 'huge' concentrations of worms. (As in plenty not large!). They have done a good job; so much so that I feel guilty in taking some fishing.
One of my projects this winter is to harvest a dedicated breeding for fishing stock, therefore interested in your experiences.

All of the above to be honest. Except Earthworms, if you mean the big juicy lobworm type. You can't keep them in a bin or tub as they have a different purpose. Their job is to burrow deep aerating the soil while the compost worms, brandlings and dendrobaenas live in the top 6 inches and they're the ones used for composting.

I kept them outside before and they either got waterlogged, succumb to winter weather or dried out too much. They're all doing well so far, none have absconded and they seem happy. I've done a lot more research this time so hopefully have more success.

Having enthused about Digeroo's keyhole garden, of African origins,(SEE recent topic), my intention is to combine these ideas with a double (bin inside a bin) experiment, composting "nasties" such as invasive weeds, green potatoes, kitchen waste, poulterers offal,fish waste etc, all securely locked down in a bin within weldmesh ,with lid. The 'juices' to be captured via worm proof strainer into a lower bin with tap, and a overflow into the raised bed containing the above. I have a suitable remote site with a gradient that will enable access for filling/draining, gravity distributing 'juices into the planted area. Intended crop year 1 will be courgettes and squash.

All good except the offal part. You're not supposed to feed worms animal flesh, they're vegetarian. So the fish and chicken is not really a good idea.


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