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1kg red grapes, preferable with seeds (stripped from the stalks)
 450g jam sugar
 Juice of 1 Lemon
 Pectin (if needed to thicken jelly)

As a Type 2 Diabetic, This is a full fat version (proper sugar) as I can always reach for this in the cupboard if I have a Low Blood sugar issue at home and need a Sugar fix, apart from that its well known that Grape jelly has many Positive Health Properties, so I don’t need asking twice, plus its used in all sorts of culinary recipes.


Well apart from eating as many as we could and giving away a few bunches here and there we still had about 40 bunches to get through.
 So before the wet weather ruins them I grabbed a few bunches to make some Grape Jelly.

Took all the grapes off the stalks and cleaned them as there is always extra “Protein” creeping around the Grapes.

Tip the grapes into a large saucepan set over a low heat, then cover and leave to gently cook for 5 mins until the juices start to run. “” It’s at this point I wish I had smelly vision as you’ve just take my word for its wonderful aroma”” now take a potato masher or fork and mash up the grapes. Leave to cook for about 10 mins more, mashing every now and again until the grapes are falling apart. Place a clean tea towel or muslin cloth in a sieve set over a bowl, then pour the grape mixture into this. Let the mixture drip through for at least 1 hr or preferably overnight.

Measure out the juice (you should have about 600ml) and pour it into a pan along with the sugar and lemon juice. Set the pan over a high heat and bring to the boil. Skimming any scum as it boils, let the mixture bubble until the temperature reaches 105C on a sugar thermometer. If you don’t have one, put a small plate in the freezer for 5 mins, then pour a little of the juice onto the cold saucer. After 1 min, run your finger through; if the jam wrinkles slightly, it’s ready. Pour the hot jam into a sterilised jar. Will keep unopened for up to 3 months.

It was too much to ask of me to not dive into the jar this morning and Toast and Butter a couple of slices of Ciabatta Bread with a Blob of the freshly made
 Grape Jelly.

Deeeeeeelish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I just might have some more need doing, I’ll catch you later !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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