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I have carrots in the greenhouse no idea what type but there a rainbow mix and doing quite well, went in about 6 weeks ago.

My daughter and i have an experiament which has been moved into the greenhouse in that we have planted some sweet potatoes (yes i know its to late) and avacado stones. Were looking at the life cycle of crops and she wanted to see what happened to plants which had been finished (avacados) and which had gone over (sweet potatos) the slips of the sweet potatoes were far better than anything i had bought we have maybe 10 planted and another 10 rooting in kitchen from 5 plants there stil growing some shoots so she will not let me throw them out as yet.

Once the tomatoes are done however i am also looking at what crops to put in the space they are taking up. Did wonder if as its unheated would onions work? and what about early peas?

I am still pulling carrots from last year in my greenhouse I only maybe have half a dozen left but they have made it. My climate here is much the same as on the East Coast of England, except I may have an extra couple of weeks  in the spring, except on the occasional years when we all start to wear shorts then wake up to snow..they say it happens 1 in 7 years. My favorite carrots are Mokum.

I use my tunnel mainly for peppers, aubergines & tomatoes but that means it is used less and less from October to now - when I will put in a self-fertile courgette - and there are a few other catch crops that will stay until I finish this years planting inside - that's usually early June.

My most useful catch crop was leftover brassica plants from the spring '18 transplanting - they went in in October '18 as bonsais and just went crazy - I was picking kale all winter with no bird problem and got an brilliant early crop of calabrese.



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