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For the last few weeks I have grown crops earlier in the year and then extended the growing season by using my greenhouses. Examples are growing early French Beans and also growing the same crop, sowing in September and getting a crop in October/November.
These are unheated greenhouses in the Midlands (of England) I also grow lettuce all the year round and have recently grown a very quick crop of radish, which if grown outside would have immediatly bolted.
Does anybody have any other suggestions of crops to grow ?

Turnips, especially if you like eating the tops as greens as it depends on the weather whether you get fully formed turnips or lush greenery in early spring.  Milan Purple Top is my favourite for late sowing, but there are other fast growing ones, which I haven't tried yet.  Black winter radish (eat like turnip or grated in salad)  and also rocket.  None of these actually need a greenhouse, I grow them under fleece and we are in a cold part of the country. 

In the greenhouse all the orientals,  carrots (sow October, ready April), coriander, lamb's lettuce.  Another salad crop is endive, especially broad leafed endive, like Cornet de Bordeaux, which isn't as bitter as others.

Good luck  :wave:

Florence Fennel... If you like it.. put a line in this time last year.. best I've ever managed.. cut it and it regrew had two crops of bulbs, unlimited leaf and only now is it bolting.

Thanks for the suggestions. I may try carrots - also known as "Badger food" round our plots. This can't be grown outside as it gets eaten and also the card clay soil causes forking, but in a greenhouse you have more control.

Over this very hot Summer I have been able to grow things like lettuce and radish in the greenhouse but not outside. This was because I could shade the 'house so small lettuce did not get burnt up.

Which carrots and lettuce do you recommend for growing in an unheated greenhouse over winter?


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