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Hi, I am considering keeping some chooks (3) as a plot holder on our site is giving it up. I had a look at some chooks over the week end and they were 13 each, is that a fair price for a 23 week pol bird. That is a hybrid. I have been doing research and did not realize how many different breed of chooks there was. Any tips would be welcome as I am only looking at keeping 3 and more for fun than as a financial gain. I have heard you can get quite up close and friendly with some breeds and as I want them more for the grandkids (no really) I would like friendly ones. 

Ex- battery or even ex- barn or free range chickens are cheaper and lay well for a couple of years.
They are bred for docility in commercial situation.

That said  chickens do use the beak to investigate everything!

I'm thinking about getting some hens too but, like our cats and dogs, they'll be rescues.   The local free range egg farm sells off its birds at 2 or so a bird every 12 to 14 months so I have till next spring to find a good hen house and coop and decide where to put it for a permanent residence as well as build movable coops so I can put the hens on veggie beds as they're cleared of crops.

I do use quite a few eggs but will also be checking with the neighbours to see if they'll take any excess.

I have a couple of chickens and they are great but..
They will eat everything they can reach - my fault but i have lost several trays of swede and lettuce this year as I turned my back on them.  They have also eaten cabbage seedlings, leaves of pepper plants, thai basil, chervil - if I ate the chicks I bet they would taste nice!
They even run into the house and nick the cat food when they can.
They are also destructive to a garden if left to run loose so make sure they have a good run or keep an eye on what they are doing and be prepared to chase them! 
That price for a hybrid is okwe have a couple. One is a West Sussex White and the other is a Chalk Hill Blue/  The latter lays nice blue green eggs which is fun.
We started off with ex battery birds and they were great and they were cheap so good for beginners.

I think Lezelle is planning on having them at the lottie so they'll need to be confined and ours will be confined because I've seen what they can do in a garden when left unchecked, plus we have 2 dogs and 2 cats and next door there is a greyhound/Retriever cross with a strong prey instinct and there are foxes about.

Not fussed about fancy breeds yet.  More interested in giving a life to unwanted birds.


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