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Dulcie and knitted owl


Update on Dulcie, my clever, beautiful cat (apart from when he bites me). Don't think I have shown this picture before but excuse me if I have, as think I am getting forgetful.  Dulcie is very good at putting himself to bed at night, but not sure he appreciated the owl invading his space (only put it in for a joke).  He is so happy today, having a lovely sleep on the settee.

Dulcie sat on my lap, pushed my pen away as I was trying to do the crossword, then bit my arm, and drew blood, so now he is a bl..dy cat, or I am.  His dinner wasn't late, but I suppose he can't talk, and it did make me get up.  He is getting too fat, laying on the kitchen floor waiting for me to cook his fish.

Dulcie still doing well, having a lovely sleep on settee. Even sleeps, sometimes in his cat house in the garden, no photos as main computer needs repair. Luckily tablet is working, but dont understand the photo bit. Waiting for some rain.  :sunny:


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