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Dulcie and OH


These two have ganged up on me.  Dulcie, I buy your prescription food, change your cat litter tray, but all you do is bite me, but was good at sleeping in the bed when I was ill.  OH says he doesn't like that cat, but they both sit on the settee and watch TV.  Keeping a close eye on Dulcie but he seems to be doing well. Fingers crossed.

Sprung Onion:
Oooh I feel sorry for you  :sad10:

I think I know how you feel ... we have to buy prescription food for our cat Pina (short for Giuseppina ... or Josephine) as she has kidney problems and so has to have 'renal diet cat food'.

Since we have two cats, Kaspar (her brother), both of them have to have the prescription food.

It must be said, however, that the settee won't be kept warm without it being sat upon for long periods of time, and also that TV can't be watched on its own ... people have to sacrifice their time watching that  :occasion14:


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