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Seed saving cataolgue -ONLY!! 2017 onwards

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Where I say

"Tomato indeterminate:  Yellow Brandywine (Sudduth Strain)  - Seeds originally from The Tomato Supply Co. "

above, it is complete rubbish!

I was going through my tomato seeds yesterday and this is Yellow Brandywine but Platfoot strain originally bought from Tomatofest
"The Platfoot strain of Yellow Brandywine, from Gary Platfoot of Ohio, is considered to produce smoother fruit and a better yield than the original strain from Charles Knoy of Indiana in 1991. "

Still a divine tomato though, that holds!  :tongue3:

The details for most of the 2017 seed circle seeds can now be found on

Any additions or amendments just let me know in a post or message please.


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