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Ornamental seed saving circle 2016

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Sorry I didn't join in with this one, I've been ill for months and didn't manage to save very much. Maybe next time!

Get planning!

Hello fellow seed swappers! I was just wondering how everyone got on? My fave swap is the yellow esholtzia that are looking lovely right now. I'm intrigued to see if my verbascum a will flower this year . The cleome grew strongly but turned out to be slug heaven so just have two survivors!  The verbena are doing great so how have you guys got on? Xx sunloving

I didn't plant the cleome (made mistake of growing that and it was so so so spiky! easy to grow and the slugs didn't care for it my garden - normally they go mad for anything young and tasty).
The sweet pea matucana were lovely - thanks Ed
Verbascum germinated, but I've only discovered them yesterday still v. young and defo not ready to be pricked-out yet - thanks Sun.

I can't remember the others, but will get back to you all.


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