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Tee Gee:
An other week another garden

Caroline mentioned: Harlow Carr whch she thinks  is lovely there, though she prefers the RHS gardens at Wisley and Rosemoor.

I have to admit I hasve similar feelings but as it is my'local' RHS garden I thought I would  use it to show you A4A members  who perhaps have not visited it a few of the sights.

As mentioned this garden is undergoing some major alterations so even now some of my pictures will be out of date.

One of the most recent changes is the 'Learning Centre' and its gardens as seen here:

This puzzle has 80 pieces.

This is the 'demo' pond' which is situated in the learning centre gardens.

It has 80 pieces

This is the 'open air' classroom:

It has 80 pieces also.

and this is the covered outdoor classroom.

and has 80 pieces.

Tee Gee, Caroline was quoting my post of 16th December in the Edinburgh Botanical gardens thread when she said "We visited Harlow Carr a few years ago when we were members of the RHS.  It is lovely there, though I prefer the RHS gardens at Wisley and Rosemoor."   

Thanks for posting the Harlow Carr jigsaws.  I don't recognise any of the pictures so far but it is ages since we visited.

I was at Harlow Carr in 2007 after visiting RHS Tatton show. Matthew Wilson had recently moved up there from Hyde Hall and had done some wonderful mixed perennial beds.   It was amazing but they've changed curator and style and lots of content plus they've sorted out the stream garden and all those candelabra primulas and built the new visitors' centre and so on so it probably needs another visit.   

Tee Gee:
As some of you may be aware the RHS organised the construction of a number of gardens that showed gardens through time.

The time scale was from 'The RegencyPeriod' circa 1815 to the turn of the century  (2004)

There were seven gardens although one has been demolished to make way for the alterations to the 'Queen Mother's Lake' whether it will be resurrected after these alterations I do not know.

At least I was lucky to see it at photograph it prior to its removal.

This is a view over garden No.1 - The Regency Period - circa 1815

It has 70 pieces.

Garden 2 - Mid Victorian Period - circa 1850-60's

It has 63 pieces

Garden 3 - Late Victorian Period - circa 1890's

This is the garden that has since been removed as mentioned above.

It has 70 pieces

If only I could keep my little patch like that all the time  :BangHead:


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