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To incinerate or not?


Hi All,

While i was away all my weeds and shrubs went nuts so i have 2 options i can either burn the weeds or put them in the green bin the problem is that i am sure i have more weeds than by bin will take and there not going to collect for 2 weeks. I was thinking of popping a pallet into a corner and making a pile of the weeds in the hope that they would dry out and take up less space.


What should i do for the best?


I can't imagine any allotment holder being so short of space that they couldn't fit in a compost bin - or a builders bag for an emergency bounty (yes, bounty) of green 'waste'.

A truly traditional allotment holder would rather compost their children  :angel12: than buy soil health in a bag from the 'garden centre'.

Most sensible allotment regimes would go quite justifiably apeshit if you burned fertility at the same time as gassing your neighbours with carcinogenic tar aerosols.

Never incinerate, never surrender (apologies to Galaxy Quest).

I assume you are valiantly squeezing the maximum produce from your home garden? In which case ditch (& compost)  the flowers/bushes and annexe their beds (there are plenty of partner-convincing ailments they could get - especially if they are hogging the sunny part). Compensate by getting into edible-ornamental gardening - probably the only area where we are significantly behind other countries (especially the USA, weirdly).


PS. Have you ever noticed that any sign of blue sky seems to trigger something in pyromaniacs that makes them yearn for rolling clouds of carcinogenic smog? (exactly when you were hoping to start the kind of spring jobs that involve heavy breathing  :BangHead: ).

Bill Door:
Hi Cambourne7.

I would put your weeds into a plastic bag and leave them in a very dark corner for a few months.  Then add them to your compost bin.  I don't think that they will dry out enough at this time of year.

I would prune the shrubs so that they don't look too bad and put the cuttings into the green bin.  If you do it a bit at a time you will know how much room you have left in the bin.



Original post was 20months ago!, surely the smoke would have cleared by now?


Yes all cleared :) i did end up getting an incinerator and used it twice both at twilight when neighbour was away :)



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