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Giant Pumpkins 2014 - Anyone growing this year?

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well done spireite  it is not always about  winning and well done for attending the  weigh off I bet you learned a lot from dave Thomas and the patton twins if I can help in any way just shoot me a question on any time
 all the best mal

Thanks for that Mal.... It was a bit like going out to play with the big boys  :happy7:  Lots of lovely friendly people, a great day out, and very inspired to do better next year. I now have a target of beating my PB.

Word came back from my brother inlaws this week....I gave them my 102 lb pumpkin to carve...about the size of a space was ably carved by the niece and younger nephew ( with a little help from their dad!!.)....  the children in the house opposite  them on their street are very envious; and want their parents to go shopping for a pumpkin of a similar size....I wish them luck  :toothy10:

Very well done Mal, and I see you got some "air" time last night on Look North too.

I'm planning on joining you and Peter next year at York (and anyone else). Coming from Cockermouth, Netley is a bit too far so Thompson and Morgan will have to bring my cheque to York  :icon_cheers:

Onwards and upwards to 2000lbs next year !


How do you weigh something that size? I wouldn't even get it through the gate.


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