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Yes I know, this has no alcohol, or rather only a tiny bit. But kefir is very good for you and nice as well (I think). It tastes rather like buttermilk. For the benefits of kefir, see,, and many others.
If this awakens your interest, I can send you some kefir grains, plus instructions on how to make it. Ideally you have to see to it most days, but for me that has become a routine which I can do in my sleep. Or rather, first thing in the morning ....
Ask and you shall receive!

..and you are 'into' kefir as well!  :icon_thumleft:
What's your grains like? Over the years I've had few different 'personalities' in them. One that I had (yes..long lost now) that I'm still remembering fondly, did grow huge cauli like lumps..they didn't see to break down into babies very easily. Sadly I cannot remember who the original 'host' was and I've been in on the look out similar type for some time now. But all I come across don't develop quite right..
I've had several batches from few different sources that never really develop into decent clumps..they just keep splitting into small ones and its like sieving handfull of rice...and the kefir that results from those is not creamy and thick like I like it to be.

Could it be the fault of your strainer, rather than of the kefir? I found that the holes should be no bigger than 3 mm. I had one with 3.5 mm holes and that let the grains through. But it shouldn't be (much) smaller either, because that makes it hard to strain.

No..its not the strainer or any other I've always used same for the job.
Some kefir 'colonies' really do behave differently as much as they behave differently depending time of year (but thats to do with temperature).
These tiny Kefir grains that never seem to grow much bigger tend to result more fizzy type drink rather than the creamy, thick sort and there is big difference with flavour too.  No matter how long I nurtured them, thinking I might 'turn' them to behave differently..they just wouldn't budge. It must be the way the bacteria and yeasts in the matrix have developed. The 'nice' colony that I had grew almost up to apple size before it naturally started started to fall apart.
I once even bought some from Kefir shop on net..and those were those were 'nice' neither.
There used to be world wide Kefir forum and it was from there where I got the 'lovely' ones. The last grains of those got spoiled with Viili culture which is notoriously 'infectious' and even if kept in same room for some mysterious way find its bacteria into kefir...resulting hybrid strength kefir that is much more gelly like (bit like viili) but in such of way that instead of spooning it like yogurt (like you eat viili) you ended up stretchy and ropey goo and you had to put your teeth into. Taste wise it was fine but it sort of stuck into throat when you tried to eat it :BangHead: Once the kefir gets like that there is no way of reversing the colony..the viili is and stays with it..

OMG...all the years I've been searching..and I just found the source of my original grains.. :icon_cheers:..and they are still sharing theirs.. :icon_cheers:...and they have spare ones too.. :icon_cheers:

I'm very happy bunny now.. :sunny:

sorry...I hijacked your thread..lets hope my rattling may get others interested of the ultimate pre& pro biotic drink.


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