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Happy new year all. :)
My laptop died just before Christmas....convenient for the husband's Christmas shopping.  Anyway, I did a bit of research about buying squash/pumpkin seeds online...and the site I found is in the favourites of the old laptop!! I've been doing some more surfing this week, and I want to find a site (preferably British)  that sells the 2/3 types I want to buy...with only one lot of postage, and using the plastic once online.
Any suggestions...

I'm thinking Sweet Dumpling, or  festival or Carnival to eat, and  a White pumpkin such as Casper or Lumina to carve.  :happy7:

lottie lou:
think I have some festival you can have.

oooooh Lottie Lou...thank you :toothy10:

Perharps one of these would be help for you...

lottie lou:

--- Quote from: Spireite on January 04, 2013, 21:54:23 ---oooooh Lottie Lou...thank you :toothy10:

--- End quote ---

Will need an addy


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