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The weather TODAY in... (Part 2)

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It's beautiful here!
I have had to crank the well pump into action as they ground is drying out fast and my farmers tan is coming on a treat.  It's been in the mid to high 20s all week with a bit of cold at night.  It does get windy which makes cycling fun - but I have got a few 60km plus rides in.  It is a great way to explore the local countryside which is stunning at the moment, sadly it will be browned off before too long.
Rain forecast for the weekend which I will be grateful for!

You can go right off some people :-P

George the Pigman:
Yes Brass Monkey weather today. More like early March than early April. Dry as a bone though as we've had virtually no rain for a couple of weeks. Weird weather!
Had plans to clean up the greenhouse ready for plants I have growing in the house in a propagator but quickly reversed those plans last week. No point in attempting to sow anything outdoors until the weather improves

Cold again this morning, but at least the snow has gone... getting dry here, not enough snow to make a difference!


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