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goodlife drew my attention to this in The Shed. Fantastic programme with useful info which might help some people doing a first course, like me.

Stuff in it about chloroplasts etc...

Watched it last night on I-player... really good even for an "arts" student like me...  :)

The jostling chloroplasts were brilliant wernt they.

Are you taking the exam this time? Im on full revision now. :)
x Sunloving

Hi Katienewby,

Just wondering what course you are doing (if you don't mind me asking)? - I've occasionally toyed with the idea of doing a course myself, but nothing much doing in horticulture locally!


Hi Shreddie
There are a fair few correspondance colleeges who do a preparatory course for the RHS levels 2 and 3. They dont put you in for the exams though.

I paid for the 2 level 3 courses with the Horticulture Correspondence college but having looked at the sylabus and past papers on the rhs website you could probably do it on your own if you had access to some good books and internet.

Have a rumage around the RHS courses pages and see if its something you would fancy doing.

and they have a list of colleges to so you might be lucky and find one near you after all.

I'd have loved to have done it in a class of other keen gardeners rather than at home by myself scrathing my head over plant hormones!

Its interesting stuff and can give you some great practical insights but its heavy on the biology.

Give it a whirl you might love it!
x Sunloving


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