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lottie lou:

--- Quote from: grawrc on November 03, 2012, 13:51:23 ---Since discovering that Amazon don't pay their taxes I've decided not to use them anymore. They are winning on an unequal playing field and putting local companies out of business. That can't be right.

--- End quote ---

I am with grawc on that one.  The less taxes received the less essential services will be able to be provided.

Yes it was a bit of a shock for me that one. I tend to use them because I hardly ever get round  to going into  town because my days off are full of gardening! so it is so easy to order online in the evening. It's going to be hard to wean off them, but I'm going to give them a miss now. (sorry Dan!)

I do have an account with them now for about 4 years but in future I will try an help you get the extra. Thanks for letting us know.


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