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Re: Morons
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The police that came out when I called 999 suggested putting broken glass on top of the wall which is illegal. Go figure  ??? They come each time and fill out a form and thats about it. The PCSo team has a key for the site but they go to bed at 8pm so theyre never around when things happen. The policeman that came yesterday suggested it was a pity that things werent being stolen as thats taken more seriously than vandalism. Tell that to the folks that keep having to shell out money to repair their sheds.

Only if the wall is below a particular height.... above that height, you can put broken glass there.... above another height you can even electrify the fence at the top..!!! Not sure what the required heights are though, something in my head keeps saying 6 feet 6 inches for the glass...?? and to electrify it it has to be over 8 feet tall, but you must stick signs up stating its electrified..

I'm sure that if broken glass or electrification were options you were all looking into then someone would know the height requirements....?


PS: There is another option too:
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Re: Morons
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Re: Morons
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Thanks wraith. Your post made me have a look for the height restrictions and I found this which explains it all really clearly.

Theres other good stuff on there about house and persoanl security too.

But I do like the booby trap too  ;D