Author Topic: Brown paches on lower leaves, it's all going wilty but it was watered OK..HELP!!  (Read 4166 times)


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Arghh... until a few days ago my sunflower was doing nicely in the polytunnel, it's in a 10" pot and is about 3.5 feet tall ATM.... all of a sudden there's been brown patches forming on the lower leaves which hjave wilted and died and it all looks bad.... time to plant it out (can't see roots at bottom of pot so it shouldn't be potbound) Is it a fungus?.... dunno the variety, bought it on ebay as a giant headed but not too tall variety, four of five seeds hatched, mum and my 2 brothers had the others and they're all OK.... dsoes it newed feeding?... is it pining for the fjords.... argh!!


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