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Wow Torreya, you have my dream garden!  Lucky you.  How did you manage to find a walled garden all ready to rediscover?!!!

Thank you all for the friendly messages!!

As for 'just' finding it , Mat, not exactly......My father took on the place in 1956, cleared the whole place of 6' + brambles and nettles all by hand by himself!!. He died in 1981, my mother and I continued until her death in 2000, now hubby and I look after it.

Unfortunately, it is only rented, and we've had probs with the tenancy, plus, hubby and I have both had health probs over the last 5/6 years so it's got overgrown.  We're now pulling ourselves together as much as poss. and getting on with clearing it bit by bit.  Keep looking at the blog for more details of how we're progressing!

What a great idea  ;D

Hi Torreya just had a look at your blog your greenhouse looks bigger than my house  ;D ;D ;D Cant wait to see it in all its glory will keep checking on how your progressing.

 Lucy x

what a fab garden! When I move I want my OH to build me one!!

Hi Torreya and welcome! I too looked at your blog and would love that glass house!!

well though i am not technically classed as a newbie any longer i realise that i never really introduced myself i just kinda jumped right in.

I'm Ellie (hence my name LE) am 24, married with two small boys, ones 21 months and the other just turned 6 months (yes i am crazy).

Got my allotment in July last year but couldn't do anything to it until October due to being quite heavily pregnant and on bed rest.

Cant wait for this years planting and growing season, I'd never grown even a flower before last summer and i found a passion for growing veg by accident!

My eldest Theo is very green fingered like me loves to come to the allotment and dig with us and i let him plant some broadbeans on the window sill couple of weeks ago and he's very impressed that they are growing!

and in the short time I've been here i already love a4a :) My in laws think i am so clever when i give them tips or use ideas from here on the allotment, though i do have to come clean where i get them from so as not to seem dishonest  ;D


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