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Wasn't really sure where to put this but here seemed the best place.

At the 6th annual pumpkin festival in the royal victoria county park near southampton yesterday the worlds biggest pumpkin was unvailed - grown in the new forest by Ian Paton (well done Ian) it weighed 819lb!!!!!

WOW HOW BIG!!! ;D Pumpkin recipies galore  ;D


Hi Pixie!!

That was the UK record, thanks to a pumpkin growing competition I organised for the kiddies in our close I visit a website devoted to outsize pumpkins, and the world record pumpkin was grown by a guy called Al Eaton from Canada, it weighed in on October 2nd at a massive 1446lb!!!  :o Lovely bunch of guys, very similar to this site!!


WOW thats massive  ;D

(and some people thought they were running out of recipies  ::))



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