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Fruity "maidens" - a warning!

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Hello everybody!

Well I had a fun time last night. As some of you may remember from earlier postings I have been frantic to prepare the ground in the lottie for my fruit trees and soft fruit, but have been thwarted by the weather  >:(

Well last friday I got an email to say my fruit was on its way - a maiden plum, a maiden cherry, some blueberries and some currant bushes.  :D

My partner and I went out and bought some compost as we decided there was no way we would be able to plant anything in the lottie (ground not ready), so we would pot the bare root things up and keep them in the garden until spring. This would be fine, I thought, because how big could a maiden be? Only a twig with some roots on. No problem.  8)

Well I got home from work at 5:45 last night and checked the back garden. Gah! A NINE FOOT TALL parcel! I got my buckets ready. I unwrapped the parcel. It would be all right, they weren't really nine foot tall, it was just the way the parcel was wrapped.

Oh no! Flippin' one year old maiden plum tree really WAS nine foot tall! No problem. Soak in bucket. Oh no. Roots won't fit in bucket. Roots will only just fit in Sainsbury's plastic box. No pots big enough. Aargh.  :o :o

Partner comes home. "Have you potted up the plants then." Wordlessly I point to enormo-tree. "Oh."

Get the woolly hat and allotment boots on. Drive to allotment at 8pm with trees sticking out of sunroof. Thank God that I prepared a potato patch, now to be temporary fruit resting patch. Double thank God that I covered it in a thick mulch of compost so it won't be frozen. Dig large trench by light of camping gas light. Bed trees in for the winter.


Moral of the story - don't assume that a "maiden" tree will be a small twig!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  ::) ;D ;)

Ten x

;D ;D ;D

what a fab story... lucky you to get such a decent sized tree!!!!

I think that deserves some kind of award-did you see a yellow van out there? ;D


A yellow van?? I don't understand - AA for plants, maybe?

Ten x

Sorry Tenuse-must be showing my age and was only a tease, yellow van,men in white coats-"the`re coming to take me away haha." It was the image of you in the freezing cold digging by gas light.



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