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Mole cricket (veenmol)

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I've lost quite a few carrots and onions to this little bugga
Apparently it's a protected species in the UK as they're rare, if anyone knoews an organisation that'd like to import them from my plot to the uk let me know  ;)

Gosh what is it?.Never seen one of those before.Looks like half lobster half scorpion .Must Google  all about it when i have more time


feet of clay:
Not pretty! Is it really about two inches long?

Never seen a mole cricket up close like that before  (UGH) and I don't think I'd like to see one in real life either, protected or not!!

Hope you get rid of them soon BB. I take it they're quite common where you are?


Yep they're big 2 inch buggas - they scare my missus anyway  :)

All the old timers kill them but I put them in a jar and as I cycle home I let them go about a mile from my plot.



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