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Confusion over display of email address....

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Admin aka Dan:
Hi All,

Due to confusion from many people over the display of email addresses I have made a change to the forum ....

Previously you could see your own email address, even if you had checked the hide button in your profile, no one but you and moderators could see your email address, but a couple of people a week ask the question, is my email address hidden.

I have now changed the forum so that even you can not see your email address if you choose to hide it!

Hopefully that will clarify matters.

Any questions please let me know.


i recently recieved an email from somone i forget at the moment as im in work but they sent me an email warning me it was clear for everyone to see i have since then gone to my profile to hide delete it  whatever hope this would of cleared this matter up thanks anyhow

Hello Dan I have rather stupidly posted my email address in a message on the where is your allotment south east region thread
Please could you erase it for me. Thank you

silly billy:
Crystalmoon you should be able to do it yourself if you go to your post you can click on the modify button and erase any of the post you wish.

Oh my word how blind am I  :o

Just tried it & theres no modify button so guess you only get to modify very recent messages


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