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Which Way Will My Sunflower Face???

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Hi All - Can I influence the direction my sunflowers face? Will they face the morning sun, midday or the evening sun for instance?? Last year most of my wayward sunflowers spent the whole time peering over the the fence, and fortunately the neighbours saw this as a bonus.
I will be most grateful for advice on this.

I'm sure I'm wrong - but aren't they supposed to "follow" the sun?  I wouldn't know, as ours were always planted at the north end of the plot and we always had the benefit of them.

All best - Gavin

Thanks Gavin - Maybe mine were just nosy!!

Andy H:
 :-\Mines facing northeast all the time? I thought they follwed the sun too but this one turned its back on us...

My one surviving one is in a pot (snails got the rest) every 2 days I turn the pot around totry and get it to grow straight up  ;)



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