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Just posted my card off tonight Ken.  Have chosen "Florenza".  Looks very pretty and unusual colours.  Will not be using that seed for our competition. Reckon this summer we will be awash with sunflowers in our garden and at the lottie.   :D busy_lizzie

I'm going for Infrared - it looks as if they might come up in different shades. Sending off my postacrd this morning ;D

Boo Hoo !!...

I missed GW last night - is it repeated at all during the week ???

and what's all this about sending off postcards for sunflowers ???

WHAT DID I MISS ..... shall have a look on their website...


Debs, Just have a look on the BBC Gardeners World Site, as all the details for sending away for the seeds are on there.  They show the variety of sunflowers and the addresses to send away for them.  :) busy_lizzie

ok how about this for a plan for the competition then...

we follow the GW trial dates cos Monty said we all had to sow the trial seeds together, and i should imagine they will have a programme towards the end of the trial asking for results. i suspect that will be july-august time. the sunflower man did say that in this climate its around 80 days from sowing to flowering i think...

we should allow exemptions for people who are off galavanting round the world when the sowing date comes and allow them to sow later.

what does anyone think?

if approved shall i start a thread so people can register their intentions, perhaps with seed variety?


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