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What a good idea

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Great idea for all us puter thickies Dan. :-*

Ozzy aka Pothead:
Wells I iz dead lucky as I have just had me fisrt dose of internet clap.... am having to reload everythang and searching for me Linton Kwesi Johnson.... mahn got loads but never backed him up... Bad bad Oz... Naughty Naughty Oz must be punished.. SPANKY SPANKY...  I first ignore this event about ? days ago when me clock kept going doodally then me @ button sitched places to the (")key  then today  everythang went a bye byes... so the learning curve is... back it up....  "bit like big it up" but with an "a" a "c" and a "k" insteady..... babble alert and better hit post as nortons just finished its update thang and now have to restart me puter..... bit of a pan in the rear.. but there you go....




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