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Please ID these,are they edible berries?

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I found this plant in one of mine flower bed,I thought it was cape gooseberry that I grew  last year! because the leaves are really look alike ???
So I moved it to the pot,
now it's flowers and berries are formed sure no way these are cape gooseberries,
what are they ???Anybody know? Are they edeble?Or they weeds >:(
please help!

When in doubt leave it out-OK that was the level of sex education I had but the maxim holds true for unidentified flowering objects-or as we say in the trade UFOs ;D

Rhubarb Thrasher:
it looks like one of the nightshades - but not deadly nightshade, probably black nightshade, a common weed. The berry is poisonous, tho I did read that some nightshades roots in the past were used for making flour

yep black nightshade

Rhubarb Thrasher:
sorry to post twice - Wiki says that the raw berries are poisonous (of variable toxicity!) you can cook with them (wonderberry or sunberry are other names so they must have something going for them) You learn summat every day, tho I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole


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